Canada’s unions are marking this year’s Pride season by calling on the federal government to invest in 2SLGBTQI community organizations to ensure that our most vulnerable communities are not left behind in pandemic recovery.

Sign our petition and join the fight.

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Day of Mourning 2021

Tragically the human cost of COVID-19 goes undocumented but it's full cost is known all too well by essential workers and their families.

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City Budget Adjustments Comments

Today, I had the chance to address City Council on their proposed budget adjustments. Please see my comments below, share widely, and let your voice be heard.

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Labour Day - Time to Move Forward Together!

Labour Day is one of the most important days on our calendar. The unofficial end to summer and a day to mark the history of working people in Canada. This year, it feels like there is little to celebrate and yet much to hope for.

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Day of Mourning 2020

April 28th is our day of mourning, due to the COVID -19 pandemic we are unable to gather in person today to mourn the unnecesary deaths of 165 Albertans who have lost their lives in a workplace covered by the Worker's Compensation Board. Unfortunately, we will never know the true toll on working families in Alberta but today we do our best to honour them all.

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A Picket Line is a Picket Line

A Modern Reflection on Labour Tactics & Solidarity

As unionized workers we are not strangers to the concepts of picket lines and job actions but few of us have had to walk the line for a fair contract. The biggest enemy of a picket line is low morale, the greatest cure for this is solidarity.

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The Royal Mayfair is FAR from Fair for Taxpayers

What would you say if you found out that Edmonton's wealthiest 0.0005% pays $6.14 a month to the city for exclusive access to 154 acres of the river valley?

"There is no way that's true?" Well guess what? It is, and it's called the Royal Mayfair Golf Club!

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Postal Workers, The Labour Movement, & The Right to Strike!

What’s going on down at the old Post Office?

If you follow mainstream media you undoubtedly know about Postal Workers conducting a rotating strike during the “Christmas season”. As I pause for your gasp and outrage, did you also know that they have been attempting to negotiate with Canada Post for 8 months?

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EDLC in the Community!

Our community connections committee has been at work non-stop getting out in our communities. We have been taking part in community events, creating our own, and helping out members of our community in need.

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