The Royal Mayfair is FAR from Fair for Taxpayers

What would you say if you found out that Edmonton's wealthiest 0.0005% pays $6.14 a month to the city for exclusive access to 154 acres of the river valley?


"There is no way that's true?" Well guess what? It is, and it's called the Royal Mayfair Golf Club!

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Postal Workers, The Labour Movement, & The Right to Strike!

What’s going on down at the old Post Office?

If you follow mainstream media you undoubtedly know about Postal Workers conducting a rotating strike during the “Christmas season”. As I pause for your gasp and outrage, did you also know that they have been attempting to negotiate with Canada Post for 8 months?

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EDLC in the Community!

Our community connections committee has been at work non-stop getting out in our communities. We have been taking part in community events, creating our own, and helping out members of our community in need.

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#Hatefreeyeg Campaign Launched

We are really pleased to help launch a project we have been a part of with some amazing people. #HateFreeYeg is an initiative to develop spaces free of hatred in Edmonton, if you administer a space in Edmonton, or know anyone who does, please direct them to this.

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Labour Values on Labour Day & Everyday!

I am happy to report that the Edmonton & District Labour Council held a successful 29th annual Labour day BBQ despite the appearance of xenophobic alt-right groups in the area.

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Are We Ready For What's Next?

The economy is improving, but Albertans are still anxious about the future, because we understand that our challenges are greater than just another boom-bust cycle. We are facing a fundamental transformation of the global energy economy.

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HSAA Goes to Bat for its Members

At the end of May HSAA had a historic convention, where for the first time in history Alberta government representatives accepted their invitation to attend en masse. 

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Solidarity Shopping

I’m going to start off by asking you all a few simple questions. Do you know what UFCW is? What if I told you they were a union, would you know who they represent?

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